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EVERTILE has been manufacturing lightweight steel roof tiles since 1997, and today operates throughout Europe, as well as other countries around the world. EVERTILE is a 100% Czech company which places maximum emphasis on product quality and flexible customer service. The company devotes significant attention to the designs and innovations, and in many cases is a pioneer of new approaches and solutions.

New Product 2016 "QUADRIC"


Roof covering QUADRIC is the Hot New product in the portfolio of Evertile. QUADRIC design has been inspired by the American style and the heritage of traditional roof coverings and architecture slate and shingles.

The rectangular outlines resemble the look of multi-layer shingles, however with more 3D effect, higher strength and resistance and more elegance.

Roof covering QUADRIC represents the status of its' owner. It says: „ I love freedom, simplicity and usefulness…despite the fact that I am successful and strong and my home has to be attractive, solid and gain respect. I do not get satisfied with any sand finished bitumen felt on my roof! I insist on lasting value and I do not step down from my style.”

QUADRIC is to be installed and fixed on horizontal battens, almost the same way like the system Evertile. QUADRIC tiles are resistant to high speed wind as well as a snow load. The minimum roof pitch is 15°. more...

8 raisons, de choisir notre couverture de toit?

  • Aspect traditionnel
  • Faible poids
  • Montage rapide
  • Grande résistance contre les vents violents, neige, glace, températures extrêmes et humidité
  • Utilisation dès la pente du toit de 10°
  • Garantie 30 ans (15 ans pour Evertech G2 50 microns)
  • La gamme complète d’accessoires
  • Grande résistance à la charge

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